The Center for Avian Rehabilitation & Education Inc. (C.A.R.E.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization whose mission is to provide for, through advocacy and activism, the needs of all exotic birds, educated the public about the needs of exotic birds, provide permanent housing for any exotic birds not able to live in a typical home environment, excluding birds with contagious diseases; find a loving, responsible, permanent home for adoptable birds.

C.A.R.E. depends solely on private donations. We receive no public funding. We supplement our income by designing and selling bird toys. Our retail outlet shop sells cages, perches, playstands, playgyms, food and many other bird-related items. We also offer bird-related giftware and accessories. All proceeds go directly back into C.A.R.E. Services Provided: Housing unwanted birds, Sanctuary for unadoptable birds, Veterinary treatment, if needed, Adoption Counseling, Behavioral Counseling, Bird Boarding and Bird Grooming.

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"Education Before Adoption"

Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2010 - 472
Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2011 - 321
Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2012 - 404
Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2013 - 367
Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2014 - 215
Total Pets Surrendered to Date in 2015 - 65


***Finally we have a firm opening date - Saturday, September 12th. The electricians finished Friday but the inspector wasn't able to come due to the holiday, so he is coming either Tuesday or Wednesday. This time we will pass! That gives us Thursday and Friday to get everything moved back to where it is supposed to be, so Saturday is the day. It won't be perfect, but we can open, that's the important thing.

Hours will be the same. Monday/Tuesday/Thursday from 1-6 and Saturday from 12-5. Mary is not back yet and I work another job, so those hours are firm for the time being..

Grooming is by appointment only and will be very limited until Mary is back (we don't know when yet). We can do grooming on Mondays and Thursdays, however we will limit grooming to only 6 birds per day as we have lots of catching up to do with adoptions and surrenders. THERE WILL BE NO GROOMING ON SATURDAYS UNTIL MARY IS BACK - NO EXCEPTIONS..

If anyone is interested in volunteering at our new location, please go to our website and fill out the Volunteer Application. We'd love to have you..

This week will be hectic. We've got to get ready to open (again) and I start back to work. We'll see you starting on Saturday..

P.S. If you're planning on coming in for food, please give me a call so I can put it aside. We have a good selection but I hate for someone to drive down and find out we are out of that product. Just leave a message with what you need. If we don't have it in stock, I will let you know. We will get another order out then on Monday.

PPS. We do not have a parking lot. The parking lot behind our building is a PRIVATE parking lot. If you park there, you will run the risk of getting your car towed and creating bad feelings between CARE and the neighbors. There is plenty of on-street parking and mini lots within blocks of us. There is also a municipal lot halfway down South Street. It's $3.00 for the whole day but you must pay with a credit card. It is automated, there is no attendant. Our volunteers have had no problems finding parking on the streets.

Hope to see you soon!


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"Life with Ben" - by Jessica Hagedorn

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